DIY Hydroseeding: Costs Equipment and Supplies

Hydroseeding, also called hydrasodding, hydromulching, or hydraulic mulch sodding is becoming a favored decision for planting gardens, for landscaping pros and gardening enthusiasts. This is mainly because it’s easy to apply, not expensive, and effective.

hydroseeding of the soil
Newly Hydroseeded Soil on a Hill

What is Hydroseeding?

The answer is, hydromulching is sprinkling a portion of land with a concoction from a spray tank using a power hose. Seed, water, fertilizer, wood mulch or cellulose fiber, and other agents (such as tackifying substance, a binding agent, and calcium hydroxide) are all combined together. When this concoction is sprayed onto the area, the mulch forms a coating layer for seeds, permitting germination to happen.

How Does Hydroseeding Work?

Not only does the mulch care for the seeds from earth erosion, wind, and outdoor light, but it also makes a hold together with the earth, and supplies seeds with necessary nutrition by mixing in a range of nutritious ingredients as it deteriorates. The mulch is usually colored green so the recently sodded lawn will look more pleasant to the eye. The mulch does not have to be taken away; it just combines down and gives way to the new lawn. The lawn coming into prominence is able to grow a deep root system because of this care obtained at its young age. In addition, it provides a good, even leaf pattern, providing a rich, dark blue-green look.

Understanding that a mechanical device does the sprinkling, wide regions can be covered within a short area of time, permitting tenants and landscaping pros to plant large gardens in just a couple of hours or days.

Hydroseeding Area Preparation

All of the above described outcomes happen without manual intervention, meaning that you could ignore examining the earth, grading the area, and preparing the lawn by rolling over in the same manner as for a standard sod planting. To get best outcomes, relieve the earth’s compaction using a rototiller before hydromulching. In addition, see to it that the sprinkling gets done exactly before the grass growing time of year comes, and it will help if you do research – with care – the kinds of fertilizers and grass seeds available for hydroseeding, as regional agri-supply organizations sometimes have very limited diversity of seeds.

Hydroseeding and Lawn Care

When the sprinkling is done, make sure the mulch remains wet for the first two weeks, in order to get healthy growth. Lightly spray the recently sodded lawn with water at least two to three times a day for the first two weeks, and taper the spritzing down to one to two times a day for the following two weeks. In addition, make sure small pools don’t form on the recently mulched area. Walking on it is a major unaccepted activity for the first two to three weeks. Even the mere connection could cause unyielding areas or think spots. In addition, animals should not be permitted to urinate on the lawn. Otherwise, ammonia will cause ceasing of the germination of the grass.

Hydroseeding Cost

One of the best things about hydroseeding is its less expensive characteristic. Because this sodding procedure doesn’t involve too many processes, expenses such as pulling weeds, growing, shipping, and organizing pallets, hydromulching is often more reasonably priced contrasted with other standard techniques like using sod beds.

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Hydroseeding for the Average Homeowner

Most homeowners should be able to hydroseed their lawns themselves with the proper residential grade hydroseeding supplies.

Snow Removal Power Tools

snow removal
Manual Snow Removal
Winter is officially three months away in North America; however, many parts of the US and Canada are likely to see snowfall within the next six (6) weeks.

If you’re like most people living in the snowy parts of North America, you will face a situation like the man in this picture. Even though he is smiling, this is not nearly as much fun as he appears to be suggesting. You may want to take a look at our page highlighting the electric and gas-powered snow removal tools that will make your snow removal safer and faster in the Winter of 2017.

By the way, if anyone has a reasonably-priced (under $1000) snow blower that s/he has used and thinks it is worthy of recommendation, please comment below with the details of your tool so that we can research it and (possibly) include it in our list. Thanks.

Best Snow Blowers

Annovi Reverberi

Manufacturer: Annovi Reverberi

annovi reverberi north america
Annovi Reverberi, Fridley Minnesota
Annovi Reverberi [AR] makes piston pumps and pressure washers (such as the AR Blue Clean AR383). The company began in 1958 when the founders, Corrado Reverberi and Umberto Annovi, sold their first pump. The organization touts commitment, dedication, intelligence, vigilance, and patience among their core principles. The company headquarters is in Modena, Italy. The North American headquarters is located in Fridley, Minnesota USA. They also own and operate a production plant in Shanghai, China.

Annovi Reverberi has become an international leader in the field of diaphragm pumps for agriculture and piston pumps for industrial washing. They have a big presence in the cleaning industry. They have offices on five continents and over one hundred countries.

The company proudly expresses their values on their website: “building the future on the experience of the past.” They strive to seize the best ideas to design their equipment to meet the customers’ demands, monitoring and predicting market trends.

AR wants to be a reliable source for your cleaning needs. They have a proven process to keep making state of the art technology. AR wants to be a group of innovators. The Italian passion doesn’t assists these innovative goals. Finding the right talent and creativity to supplement that passion is a key ingredient. All of these things are essential in AR’s creative process.

Annovi Reverberi and Global Markets

AR has designs on the challenging landscape of the global marketplace. Continue reading  

Battery Power 2016

battery power conference
Battery Power Conference 2016
Battery Power 2016 is an international conference highlighting the latest developments impacting mobile, stationary and EV battery systems including smart phones, tablets, medical devices, critical power systems, telecom and automotive applications.

Join hundreds of OEM design engineers and system engineers involved in battery powered products and systems and discover what is driving innovation, capabilities and features, application trends and performance improvements.

Battery Power 2016 will be co-located with its sister events Advancements in Thermal Management and Critical Power North America.

These co-located events offer a dynamic learning experience for engineers, product developers, end-users, R&D professionals and other visionaries in these fields.

Attendees that register for Battery Power 2016 are welcome to attend sessions in the other conferences to enhance their learning experience.

August 3rd – 4th, 2016 • Hyatt Regency DTC • Denver, CO, USA.

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Natural Gas Generators for Standby Power

natural gas generators for home use
A Kohler Natural Gas Generator
Natural gas generators are among a number of standby power generator types from which you can choose. If you don’t wish to be troubled by yet another power failure, then you may be considering obtaining a portable power generator for your home.

Let’s check out a couple of the kinds of power electrical generators to get some pros and cons that may aid you in picking one which would benefit you the most.

Fuel (Gasoline) Powered Generators

Let’s first discuss gas-powered power generators which is much more typical for customers seeking power generators. Gas-powered power generators have the distinct advantage Continue reading