Annovi Reverberi

Manufacturer: Annovi Reverberi

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Annovi Reverberi, Fridley Minnesota
Annovi Reverberi [AR] makes piston pumps and pressure washers (such as the AR Blue Clean AR383). The company began in 1958 when the founders, Corrado Reverberi and Umberto Annovi, sold their first pump. The organization touts commitment, dedication, intelligence, vigilance, and patience among their core principles. The company headquarters is in Modena, Italy. The North American headquarters is located in Fridley, Minnesota USA. They also own and operate a production plant in Shanghai, China.

Annovi Reverberi has become an international leader in the field of diaphragm pumps for agriculture and piston pumps for industrial washing. They have a big presence in the cleaning industry. They have offices on five continents and over one hundred countries.

The company proudly expresses their values on their website: “building the future on the experience of the past.” They strive to seize the best ideas to design their equipment to meet the customers’ demands, monitoring and predicting market trends.

AR wants to be a reliable source for your cleaning needs. They have a proven process to keep making state of the art technology. AR wants to be a group of innovators. The Italian passion doesn’t assists these innovative goals. Finding the right talent and creativity to supplement that passion is a key ingredient. All of these things are essential in AR’s creative process.

Annovi Reverberi and Global Markets

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