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About SourcePowerTools.com
Source Power Tools is an Atlanta-based organization with staff members with interests in power tools such as drills, saws, grinders, pressure washers and air-cooled engine utilities.   At Source Power Tools, we research many different categories wide variety of power tools that can be used in both commercial and residential projects. We have worked in jobs or have engaged in hobbies requiring the use of all type of tools; thus, we are in a position to recommend the most suitable power tool for most professional or DIY at-home projects.

Source Power Tools will also provide the most accurate articles about every power tools available that may aid the decision-making process of potential buyers. We will give descriptions and usages of each power tools and instruction on how you can use them. We will make sure that every article we provide is factually-correct and reliable. We do not sell power tools at sourcepowertools.com, but  we offer honest and precise content on which you can rely when looking for your power tools.

Source Power Tools is concerned about users’ safety and budget, which is why we will give recommendations of the most appropriate power tools for their needs and where such tools can be purchased online.  In some cases, such as when products are available on amazon.com, we may receive a commission for purchases made, since we are participants in the Amazon Associates program. Nevertheless, we always recommend that visitors evaluating a product should search for the power tool merchant best suited to deliver the products within their budgets and according to the buyer’s convenience and delivery requirements.