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Annovi Reverberi, Fridley Minnesota
Annovi Reverberi [AR] makes piston pumps and pressure washers (such as the AR Blue Clean AR383). The company began in 1958 when the founders, Corrado Reverberi and Umberto Annovi, sold their first pump. The organization touts commitment, dedication, intelligence, vigilance, and patience among their core principles. The company headquarters is in Modena, Italy. The North American headquarters is located in Fridley, Minnesota USA. They also own and operate a production plant in Shanghai, China.

Annovi Reverberi has become an international leader in the field of diaphragm pumps for agriculture and piston pumps for industrial washing. They have a big presence in the cleaning industry. They have offices on five continents and over one hundred countries.

The company proudly expresses their values on their website: “building the future on the experience of the past.” They strive to seize the best ideas to design their equipment to meet the customers’ demands, monitoring and predicting market trends.

AR wants to be a reliable source for your cleaning needs. They have a proven process to keep making state of the art technology. AR wants to be a group of innovators. The Italian passion doesn’t assists these innovative goals. Finding the right talent and creativity to supplement that passion is a key ingredient. All of these things are essential in AR’s creative process.

Annovi Reverberi and Global Markets

AR has designs on the challenging landscape of the global marketplace. They have created partnerships all over the world. They have expanded into North America and Asia. They want to give all of their customers the attention and support that they require.

Annovi Reverberi Pressure Washers

AR has a line of pressure washers that will make your cleanup jobs much easier. Press just one button and they will annihilate the dirt. The AC-Cleaner has the flow and pressure performance ideal for cleaning air conditioning systems. It is easy to transport, and the nozzle can be easily adjusted for lower or higher pressure for cleaning in smaller spaces. Their 610 pressure washer also includes a suction cleaner and a 5 meter power cord. There is also a water filter and a detergent tank. A pressure washer is a very good piece of equipment to have. Most people use them on the sides of their house or on a patio. They can also be used on your wooden fence and/or their garage door. You can use one to clean your outdoor grill if it starts getting gross. Pressure washers can be very effective at knocking down spider webs and wasp’s nests from your siding or gutters or doors. Just spray some bug killer spray at the wasp’s nest, so you don’t have a swarm of wasps flying at your face. You will also need a good pressure washer to clean your driveway if it is concrete. They can get pretty nasty.

Annovi Reverberi Piston Pumps

AR’s piston pumps are superior. They can be directly connect or the can be coupled with flexible coupling to many types of engines. It has an oil drain as well. The pistons move by a system of connecting rods and cranks. These pumps are made out of die-cast aluminum with oil drains on the back covers.

Piston pumps are used in various engines. They are made of a piston, a chamber, and two valves. The pump drives down into the chamber. Piston pumps are positive-displacement pumps. They can be driven manually or automatically. They limit the flow of liquids to one direction. Piston pumps are axial, meaning that they use multiple cylinders grouped around a main axis. It has a swash plate, (a.k.a. a cam or wobble plate). The pistons go in and out of their respective cycles.
Radial piston pumps are fairly rare. They are preferred for certain applications, both radial and axial pumps are available as fixed or variable displacement pumps.

Annovi Reverberi Diaphragm Pumps

These pumps are ready to be used with your agricultural equipment. It has die-cast casings and an oil immersed mechanism with a clear plastic tank. They are easily secured so they can be used for combustion engines, pulley fixtures, or hydraulic motors. A diaphragm pump is a displacement pump that uses reciprocating action and either a flapper valve or a ball valve for transferring liquids. They are self-priming and ideal for viscous liquids.

Buying a diaphragm pump can be a challenge. There are several different types. You need to consider the type and viscosity of the fluid you will be dealing with. The flow rate is measured in gallons per minute. If that rate is high, you will need a larger pump with larger pipes. The pressure is also an important fact to consider. Diaphragm pumps can be used for anything from adhesives to hand lotions, and resins. If you can pour it, you can pump it. The pump should be positioned close to the fluid level. Higher viscosity fluids will slow it down. For maintaining these pumps, look at the air quality and moisture where they were being used. They can become dirty and clogged with poor air quality. The pumps elastic components need to be monitored. Also, make sure the torque settings are not too high.

Annovi Reverberi Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners

AR has a wide range of both wet and dry vacuum cleaners. They are designed to cover all of your cleaning needs. They are compact and have an attractive style. It comes with functional accessories, so the machines are versatile. You can get additional accessories and tubes on the AR site. They also have an ash cleaner to be used for your fireplace, stove, and/or barbecue cold ash. It is made to easily separate the parts for cleaning. The tank is steel plated. It has a built-in handle, hooks for cables, and a blow function. The length of the power core in 1.5 meters.

Annovi Reverberi In The News

AR was mentioned on Newsmaker recently. They were featured in a list of the top international pressure washer manufacturers based on sales, prices, revenue, and market shares.

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