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The idea of power tools for women is starting to catch on. In fact, Savvy Tools is a line of power tools for women being developed by five women from the University of Kansas. This line is meant to make power tools a more comfortable fit for women in the hopes of ensuring safety and security, also making them less frightening.

Large power tools have typically been shown to be difficult for women to use. The first two power tools in this line Sandra Dee the Sander and Donna the Drill are still in the development phase. The Barbara K line [available at retail] showcases a cordless drill that is really light, yet really powerful. The cordless power screwdriver is the line’s best-seller. It is light weight and also really easy to use.

The usage of power tools by women has evolved as the traditional family framework has shifted with time. Women have come to be a lot more independent and the jobs of the home have actually become much less divided by gender roles.

Power Saws Women Like

The Unbelievable Saw is a hand saw for women that is fantastic for cutting (tree) branches and limbs. This saw cuts well and it’s also straightforward to manage. It’s also light weight. It’s been shown that most women don’t mind doing home-improvement  tasks, but finding the right tool can often be hard. Black & Decker provides the Project Mate. It is a three-in-one tool featuring a scraper, a detail sander, and a screwdriver. It does not weight a lot, can fit in the palm of a girl’s hand, and also fits in tiny spaces.

Increased Torque Wrenches

Wrenches are challenging to operate with in some locations. Craftsman has the Flex Wrench that offers seven sizes of both standard and metric sizes. They work well in limited-size spaces. They also provide sufficient leverage to help users loosen or tighten almost anything.



Easy-to Grasp Pliers

Pliers to remove nails makes them a piece of cake to remove. It additionally prevents you from reducing your hands up on any kind of sharp ones. They function terrific of brainless nails too. These pliers are simple to make use of and very easy to grasp. The jaws of the pliers are designed to increase the amount of force on the nail if you run into some persistent ones.

Screwdrivers for Women

A screwdriver is a necessary tool for any kind of woman to have. You never ever recognize when it plans to can be found in helpful. Snap-on has the PentaGrip screwdriver that is amazing. It has a switch on the top so you can secure the head into position. The deal with is designed for smaller sized hands and has a soft grip.

Power Tools for Women Will Sell Well

Power tools for women that are created to assist them in complete tasks are primed to do well in the marketplace. The manufacturers that take this market need seriously are going to make a lot of money from such products. The trick will be to carrying out studies that identify exactly what kinds of power tools women make use of, and to ask women what they like or don’t like regarding the products. Women do not desire simply a smaller variation of the power tools out there or the different colors altered to something pretty. They want power tools that are simple to use and also get the work done!


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